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About Me

I’m Tony, an established,  professional  life and wellness coach and mentor who is also a Yoga and Meditation practitioner. My goal is to help you through everyday life by providing, Personal Professional Performance Life Coaching, accredited by the Coaching Academy,  covering a wide range of areas, including, but not limited to,  reinvention, resilience, mindfulness and image coaching. I have worked with a diverse range of clients, for a variety of different reasons, helping them to achieve their goals, improving their outlook and other areas of their lives.



My Services

My services cover a wide spectrum of coaching options, and are tailored entirely to you. 

With a diploma from the Coaching Academy in Personal Performance Coaching and also Continuous Process Development accredited with the Coaching Academy

Take a look at the coaching and mentoring I’ve provided in the past to get more of an idea of what I do.

My Skills 


I am pleased to have become a Trustee for Headway East London , since December 2018, having previously assisted many members of this organisation,  as part of my voluntary work at this Charity for 10 years in total. Here is more information about this organisation:

  • I have provided Life coaching to members of the organisation Attend ABI, working with them, to set and achieve their goals, usually on recovering from a life changing illness/injury, like a stroke.
  • Over the course of three months, I coached and mentored a client, facing many hurdles as a result of a neurological illness, to achieve her goal, to paint and draw. This empowered her with a skill that would be effective in her ongoing recovery.
  • I have assisted a senior employee of a Financial Company, who recovered from a stroke, to identify a new vocation, using my personal skills, knowledge and professional contacts,  in this area. This was performed at the request of a vocational consultant, who identified my skills to provide guidance and support in this area, to work with the client identifying a new Vocation to assist in the client’s recovery.
  • I have trained a number of Health Care Professionals and Speech and Language therapy students in how to communicate more effectively with people with Aphasia (a communication disability as a result of a Stroke or a Brain Injury), using a variety of techniques. This was facilitated for a leading Charitable organisation, Aphasia Re-Connect , which focus on these skills and in which I was highly involved with as one of my Charitable initiatives.




 The Coaching Academy Diploma in Personal Performance Life Coaching –  

Accredited by The Coaching Academy

 Continuous Process Development Award for Life Coaching from the Coaching Academy for the following accredited activities:

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